Friday, August 5, 2011

3 Dresses, 1 Impression

I love dresses! Even if I don't know when and where to wear them, most of the time. :)

I love graphical prints, some florals and I am mostly attracted to the dark shades especially the blacks on the whites! One of my personal favorites when it comes to such colors is White House Black Market.  By the name itself, the store features a lot of really nice prints in b&w. However, for practical shoppers like me, their products may be a bit too costly. So make sure you're in the know whenever they go on sale! I'm actually a fan on Facebook.


And when I like something, as mentioned in my previous post here on shoes, I buy in bulk! This is one dress from a brand named twenty one (and not even from Forever 21!) that's turning out to be my favorite and some others looking like it but costing so much more!

One is from Ann Taylor and one from Debenhams!

I think I should wear my dresses more, from now on. :)

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