Friday, July 29, 2011

shoe is my business

love for shoes, i mean. :)

if there's anything that looks good on me, is a nice pair of shoes. :)  Or I think, I just have nice feet? LOL! :)))

I'm a real shopaholic when it comes to shoes and it's because I have the most common size (I'm a size 6 or 36) or is more into the classics (as opposed to the trendy ones).  Or simply because I love shoes!
It's so easy for me to allow the cash register to utter "ka-ching!":p

one of my favorite shoe brand is nine west. i think about 80% of my shoes are from this store. some say they don't fit or feel comfortable while I say, of course they do! nine west balances quality and price making it the more practical choice for me. if there's anything that I'm willing to pay a premium for in a pair of shoes, it is comfort. And they're on sale of upto 60%!

I can't believe that the pair that'son top of my list now only costs $30!

Time to think, think, think....

Oh, and by the way, there's another bit of a problem, when I buy, I buy in bulk. LOL!!!

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