Friday, July 22, 2011

my first cake in a cup, my best aid in the kitchen!

i don't bake.

but ever since i was a child i liked watching baking and cooking shows. i was a huge fan of Stephen Yan (Wok With Yan?! :p ) and his mouth-watering Chinese dishes! It was either a trick of the camera that was used that made whatever he was cooking shinier, hotter and fresher-looking or Stephen was simply the best cook ever!

So now, here I am, a mom, a housewife, an employee, having no time to do anything for leisure but wanting to just finally do it. I never liked baking, at least the act of doing it, because of the fact that you have to be exact in everything you do. That's why I preferred cooking as I never cooked a recipe right off from the cookbook. I always find myself tweaking it.

What prompted me to finally do it? My mom's Kitchen Aid that is left with me. It has the most elegant color, I think. Darkest of blue in the size that is not so scary to use. My family has always been a believer of this tool. It's a bit expensive (I never considered buying one for my 'once in 6 months' idea of baking) but i must say, it's so much worth it! I loved it the moment it started working. It made baking a lot easier for a first timer like me! So, I now have baking as one of my pastimes though I'm not sure if baking also likes me! :p So far, I have yet to improve (admittedly, I cannot 'perfect' it!) my current performance. :p Pasted some pics, no judgements please! :)