Thursday, July 28, 2011

moving forward

goodbyes are only great when you know for sure that you are headed for something a lot better!

but nevertheless, the simple act of letting go is proof that you are allowing the better things to come to your life.

So, i'm letting you go, my dear LV.  And that makes me real excited to find which (instead of who!) kind to replace you with!

The search is DEFINITELY on!!!

My very first Louis Vuitton bag, which is a horizontal batignolles, will be sold tomorrow (unless!). 
I love it but I'm moving forward. :) 


  1. what can i say...goodbye Batig, hello...uhhrrmmm :P sell mine na rin! :P

  2. surely! I will. :)
    Incidentally now have a network of "buyer/shopper-friends", here in Manila!