Monday, July 25, 2011

i love hosting parties (if I can :p)

there's something about fixing the house and entertaining makes me happy or maybe i like making people happy? Even though at times I don't really get to enjoy the party and the company of people you don't get to see often and instead end up getting harassed and 'bitin'. :p

but still it makes me happy. :)

I like decorating the house (fixing is a more exact word). I like to make sure that the dining table is the most presentable, of course, the food (but it's mostly potluck so I rely on what the theme would be and match it with the plates and utensils that I have). 

I've been our group's host for christmas parties and get togethers for several years now and though I'm not at my best dress or make up, it was definitely fulfilling for me to welcome and entertain them in our humble abode, as small as it may be. :)

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