Wednesday, July 27, 2011


finally! Our fave "chikahan" place had mozzarella sticks available last stormy Tuesday night!

Yep! It's real mozzarella and worth every bite (while it's hot!) at Cafe Mondial in Pasig!
We also had salad and margerita pizza.

And here are my two girlies striking a pose to what's supposed to be candid shots. :)

Just like Kate Spade, it's very likely that you'll get to hear the names, rheens and mi, as often too! They are actually my Miranda and Samantha, IF I were to be Carrie in SATC! LOL. :)


  1. LOL. I love this!! two thumbs up!!

  2. hey KC! was wondering who Lotus blossom was when 'myshopgirl' errhhmmm, my sister hehe..mentioned you kanina...ikaw pala yan! lol! thanks for the very quick response on my plea! hehehe! btw, meet Jenny, my sister...Jenny...KC, my bagaholic good online friend [soon we'll see each other fez to fez :P]

  3. Hi KC! Yup, thanks a lot!!! Please keep visiting.:)
    Bagaholics, we all are. Right, sis? :p
    Like I said, the search is on! And I just might say hi to...let's see! :)