Sunday, July 31, 2011

White As Snow

Doesn't this remind you of your childhood? It does with me!!! :)

I bought this recently in Chocolate Lovers in Cubao QC while buying some baking ingredients! My son basically did a "pretty face" and said "mommy can we buy these, please please please?"..."ka-ching!" ---said the cash register again. :)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

post birthday dinner

by default, my hubby and i always choose Fish & Co when we're in Shang and we still chose it for his birthday dinner last night!

we had bacon pumpkin soup, their famous New York Fish and Chips (rated as the best in town), the fish burger (which I'm gonna order again in our next visit!) and the chili cream prawn pasta which i just discovered can be made with corn and bacon too through this recipe!  Look at these two yummy pasta dishes, both are definitely a must-try!

Pasta by Fish & Co

Pasta Carbonara with Corn and Chiles  by dinners, dishes & desserts! 

Adapted from Everyday with Rachael Ray

Friday, July 29, 2011

shoe is my business

love for shoes, i mean. :)

if there's anything that looks good on me, is a nice pair of shoes. :)  Or I think, I just have nice feet? LOL! :)))

I'm a real shopaholic when it comes to shoes and it's because I have the most common size (I'm a size 6 or 36) or is more into the classics (as opposed to the trendy ones).  Or simply because I love shoes!
It's so easy for me to allow the cash register to utter "ka-ching!":p

one of my favorite shoe brand is nine west. i think about 80% of my shoes are from this store. some say they don't fit or feel comfortable while I say, of course they do! nine west balances quality and price making it the more practical choice for me. if there's anything that I'm willing to pay a premium for in a pair of shoes, it is comfort. And they're on sale of upto 60%!

I can't believe that the pair that'son top of my list now only costs $30!

Time to think, think, think....

Oh, and by the way, there's another bit of a problem, when I buy, I buy in bulk. LOL!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

moving forward

goodbyes are only great when you know for sure that you are headed for something a lot better!

but nevertheless, the simple act of letting go is proof that you are allowing the better things to come to your life.

So, i'm letting you go, my dear LV.  And that makes me real excited to find which (instead of who!) kind to replace you with!

The search is DEFINITELY on!!!

My very first Louis Vuitton bag, which is a horizontal batignolles, will be sold tomorrow (unless!). 
I love it but I'm moving forward. :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


finally! Our fave "chikahan" place had mozzarella sticks available last stormy Tuesday night!

Yep! It's real mozzarella and worth every bite (while it's hot!) at Cafe Mondial in Pasig!
We also had salad and margerita pizza.

And here are my two girlies striking a pose to what's supposed to be candid shots. :)

Just like Kate Spade, it's very likely that you'll get to hear the names, rheens and mi, as often too! They are actually my Miranda and Samantha, IF I were to be Carrie in SATC! LOL. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

don't get me started talking about you, KATE!

Kate Spade, that is.  :)

this is my true me. a shopgirl.  Yup! I LOVE SHOPPING. clothes? shoes? bags? oh no, not just those! home decors, home fixtures, notebooks!, pens, plates, books, just about anything! HOWEVER, i'm not a real spender, but rather, a certified BARGAINIST!

since I talked about how I love to host parties in my previous post, I want to share 3 books that I bought and that I think every girl should have!  Although they're by Kate Spade (oh you'll hear her name in my site quite often, so please be used to it already :) )...they're worth every penny, peso or loony!

It's not such a boring material to read, but rather, a fun and easy ride of  quick and applicable tips for your specific needs. (Oh, I should know what you want, I'm a girl too y'know. :) )

So, should you come across these books in some thrift bookstore or in the KS store itself (however, I doubt that they still have these as these are 2010's, last time I checked they were available in designer's boulevard in eastwood though!)...don't think anymore, just get, get and get! All three of them ok? :)

I will talk about them more on my next posts. :)

i love hosting parties (if I can :p)

there's something about fixing the house and entertaining makes me happy or maybe i like making people happy? Even though at times I don't really get to enjoy the party and the company of people you don't get to see often and instead end up getting harassed and 'bitin'. :p

but still it makes me happy. :)

I like decorating the house (fixing is a more exact word). I like to make sure that the dining table is the most presentable, of course, the food (but it's mostly potluck so I rely on what the theme would be and match it with the plates and utensils that I have). 

I've been our group's host for christmas parties and get togethers for several years now and though I'm not at my best dress or make up, it was definitely fulfilling for me to welcome and entertain them in our humble abode, as small as it may be. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comfy Zone

Love my new flats. It's so comfortable and simple, versatile yet classy. A must get! :)

Still missing my mom's Callos

No doubt about it, our first attempt to cook Callos was such a success but I still miss my mom's version.

Callos, is an appetizing stew of ox tripe, coupled with any of the chef’s meat choices - ox knuckle, shank, tail, tendon or snout. Others use the snout or even the ox tail for the gelatin in the bones and cartilage. Another important main ingredient is chorizo de bilbao, Spain's most popular cooking chorizos. It’s pungent, slightly firm meat is seasoned with the usual garlic, pimiento and pepper, laced with cumin and oregano.

Friday, July 22, 2011

my first cake in a cup, my best aid in the kitchen!

i don't bake.

but ever since i was a child i liked watching baking and cooking shows. i was a huge fan of Stephen Yan (Wok With Yan?! :p ) and his mouth-watering Chinese dishes! It was either a trick of the camera that was used that made whatever he was cooking shinier, hotter and fresher-looking or Stephen was simply the best cook ever!

So now, here I am, a mom, a housewife, an employee, having no time to do anything for leisure but wanting to just finally do it. I never liked baking, at least the act of doing it, because of the fact that you have to be exact in everything you do. That's why I preferred cooking as I never cooked a recipe right off from the cookbook. I always find myself tweaking it.

What prompted me to finally do it? My mom's Kitchen Aid that is left with me. It has the most elegant color, I think. Darkest of blue in the size that is not so scary to use. My family has always been a believer of this tool. It's a bit expensive (I never considered buying one for my 'once in 6 months' idea of baking) but i must say, it's so much worth it! I loved it the moment it started working. It made baking a lot easier for a first timer like me! So, I now have baking as one of my pastimes though I'm not sure if baking also likes me! :p So far, I have yet to improve (admittedly, I cannot 'perfect' it!) my current performance. :p Pasted some pics, no judgements please! :)

hello there!

i'm not a writer. that's my first disclaimer. haha.

i'm new here.

let's see how this goes.  :)