Monday, July 25, 2011

don't get me started talking about you, KATE!

Kate Spade, that is.  :)

this is my true me. a shopgirl.  Yup! I LOVE SHOPPING. clothes? shoes? bags? oh no, not just those! home decors, home fixtures, notebooks!, pens, plates, books, just about anything! HOWEVER, i'm not a real spender, but rather, a certified BARGAINIST!

since I talked about how I love to host parties in my previous post, I want to share 3 books that I bought and that I think every girl should have!  Although they're by Kate Spade (oh you'll hear her name in my site quite often, so please be used to it already :) )...they're worth every penny, peso or loony!

It's not such a boring material to read, but rather, a fun and easy ride of  quick and applicable tips for your specific needs. (Oh, I should know what you want, I'm a girl too y'know. :) )

So, should you come across these books in some thrift bookstore or in the KS store itself (however, I doubt that they still have these as these are 2010's, last time I checked they were available in designer's boulevard in eastwood though!)...don't think anymore, just get, get and get! All three of them ok? :)

I will talk about them more on my next posts. :)

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